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I know it’s easy to get down on yourself when you’re struggling financially, I want to turn that frown upside down and get you smiling again.  Let’s work at changing your mindset so you can feel on top of the world and be ready to conquer whatever comes your way.  I will be your friend and walk alongside you, be your accountability partner, if you need, to help you find a better way in this great big world.

Next we’ll work on budgeting.  Everyone seems to dread a budget… I don’t, I think it’s fun!  I like to control my money instead of letting it control me.  With a budget, I’m allowed to do just that!  We will work on a budget together, one on one, ask me any question!

Finally, we’ll talk about retirement.  Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about retirement.  Do you really want to work when you’re 70 years old because you have to?  Do you want to be eating mac and cheese in the dark because you didn’t want to think about growing old and therefore didn’t plan for it either?  Probably not!  That sounds stressful and I wouldn’t wish that for anyone!!

Go home with the tools everyone needs to know to get to that life you’ve dreamed about!